Best Tips for Getting Free Gold and Diamonds in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a sandbox online multiplayer game developed for smartphones. The two opposing teams are fighting in this game to reach and defeat the base of the enemy while protecting their own base to control a road. 

The game Mobile Legends will encourage you to live an exciting adventure where you’ll have to work with your teammates to beat them. In playing this game, you will need gold and diamonds to purchase important items. 


Do you want to know how to get gold and diamonds for free in Mobile Legends? Check out this blog now to learn more! 

Best Tips for Getting Free Gold and Diamonds in Mobile Legends
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Gold and Diamonds: Why Are These Essential? 

In Mobile Legends, gold and diamonds are advantageous. With them, you can instantly buy other products, like skins, heroes, and other stuff. You can also use it to play a lucky turn, with tremendous rewards. 

You can find gold and diamonds without having to spend any money. And, you can gain more gold and diamonds by following the tips below if you want to get more things in Mobile Legends faster.


Doing Live Streaming

The first way to get gold and diamonds for free is by doing live streaming. The Live Streaming feature for Mobile Legends is when you can see other players’ games in real-time. 

You can send the gold and diamonds straight away when you watch the live streaming. For a flower, you could get 2 diamonds, and for jewelry, you could get 6 diamonds.

However, for a roadster, you can get 250 diamonds, and a diamonds airplane can get you 5,000 diamonds. By enabling the Live Streaming function, there is a big chance that the people who like your playing will also give you the gold and diamonds bonus.


Giveaways in the Game News Portal and Game Store

There are numerous game news portals ready to offer your Gaming Legends free gold and diamonds. One is Esportsku, and you can visit to use it. 

Discover the game stores that allow online and other forms of giveaways. It is your time to free up the gems of Mobile Legends. The game store typically makes it for old customers to be retained, and new customers searched for.

Follow the Official Giveaways from Mobile Legends

You may join the official Mobile Legends Social Media Giveaway. The giveaway is successful in improving the game’s inventory (inventory activation). Typically the brand is enabled by the game maker by developing and enhancing it. 

Players in Mobile Legends are more exciting and make it more famous. To get free Mobile Legends Diamonds, you can follow the account on social media or review it. 

Contribute to the Community and Join Tournaments

Best Tips for Getting Free Gold and Diamonds in Mobile Legends
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Apart from being a streamer, by contributing to the MLBB community, you can also get a different way to find diamonds and gold. One of the contributions that you can make in the community is to lead a specific discussion by being a moderator. 

With it, you’ll freely receive diamonds as a reward from Moonton. Another way to get instant free daily rewards for Mobile Legends diamonds is by joining a tournament. You can follow up with your squad on that event. 

You’ll have a chance to get lots of diamonds in addition to money. If you win the tournament, you’ll get the reward that can reach 50,000 diamonds. So in this game, you can buy lots of rare items with it instantly.


Diamonds and gold will give you a lot of advantages during your actual gameplay. You can try out these tips  every day to get free diamonds and golds in Mobile Legends. 

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