Discover How to Do an Online Pregnancy Test

Did your period get delayed? Are you experiencing any of the telltale signs of pregnancy? Used a condom-free sex experience?

You don’t have to rush to the doctor whenever you think you might be pregnant if you just take a pregnancy test. If you want to save time and money, taking the exam online is your best bet. How?


You may find out in minutes if you’re pregnant by taking the “Am I Pregnant?” quiz by Planned Parenthood. This online pregnancy test is a great way to determine whether you need to take a home test or consult a doctor. In this article, you can read more about this test and learn how to do the test.

  • What is a Pregnancy Test? 
  • Does Pregnancy Test Provide Accurate Result? 
  • What is the “Am I Pregnant” Quiz? 
  • Why Should You Take an Online Pregnancy Test? 
  • How to Take an Online Pregnancy Test?

What is a Pregnancy Test?

Urine and blood tests are the two main types of pregnancy tests. Most urine tests are done at home, but you can also have one done at your doctor’s office. Blood tests, on the other hand, are done by your doctor.

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To determine whether or not a woman is pregnant, a urine test looks for the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). During pregnancy, the human body creates this hormone on its own for the first and only time.


HCG is produced when a fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus, the first step in the pregnancy process. If the results of the pregnancy test are positive for the lady, then she is pregnant. If the test comes out negative, it means that they are not pregnant.

If a woman does not get her period or has any reason to suspect that she might be pregnant, it is recommended that she get a pregnancy test as soon as possible. If a woman finds out she is pregnant as quickly as possible, she will have more time to think about her choices and will be able to get any necessary medical attention shortly.

What is a Blood Sample Pregnancy Test?

A blood test is another way to find out if you are pregnant. Blood tests aren’t done as often as urine tests because they are more expensive and usually give the same results. This pregnancy test is done by looking at a small amount of blood in a hospital or doctor’s office.


This blood test can not only tell if you have the hormone for pregnancy in your body but also how much of it is there. In special cases, like when a woman is getting infertility treatment or a doctor thinks there might be a problem, a pregnancy test for pregnancy might be done.

Because they can find very small amounts of hCG, these blood tests are a little more sensitive than urine tests. So, they can give a more accurate answer nine to 12 days after conception, which is very early in the pregnancy.

Does Pregnancy Test Provide Accurate Result?

When used the right way, pregnancy tests are very accurate. Most of the time, the pregnancy tests you can buy at pharmacies work. They are just as accurate as a urine pregnancy test a doctor gives in their office.

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Many pregnancy tests say they work a few days before the missed period, but the results are usually less accurate. Read the label on the pregnancy test to find out when to take it and how accurate it will be.

Sometimes, pregnancy hormones can be found in the urine as soon as ten days after unprotected sex. But these results aren’t always accurate, and women may get a false positive or negative.

What is an Online Pregnancy Quiz?

Some women don’t take a pregnancy test right away. Instead, they use online tests about pregnancy. Most of the questions on these quizzes are about the first signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

It could be a list for women to look over before taking a real pregnancy test if they want to be sure they are pregnant. The quizzes ask women if they have missed their period and how many days have passed.

Some quizzes also ask about the last time you were sexual, which could signify pregnancy. They also ask about common symptoms like upset stomach, nausea, energy level, how often you need to go to the bathroom, breasts, and nipples.

What is the “Am I Pregnant” Quiz?

Whether you want to avoid pregnancy right now or are looking forward to becoming a mom soon, finding out early can help. The “Am I Pregnant?” quiz is an online tool that can help you determine if you are pregnant.

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Planned Parenthood came up with the quiz, a great way to rule out pregnancy scares without taking a home pregnancy test.

The quiz will give you a result after answering basic questions about your sexual habits and physical symptoms. If the quiz suggests that you are not pregnant, you should be able to relax.

For example, the symptoms could be caused by hormonal changes, stress, sleeping, or being too heavy or too light. But if the test says you might be pregnant, get an official confirmation from a doctor.

What is Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood is a trusted health care provider, a knowledgeable educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner that helps other organizations around the world. Planned Parenthood helps millions of people around the world get important reproductive health care, sex education, and information.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America is run by women and men who want to make sure that everyone and every family in the world has access to good health care, education, and information.

Together with a team of experts in medicine, sexual health, advocacy, communications, and the law, these leaders offer a strong vision and common sense solutions to protect women’s health and safety and our basic human rights.

Why Should You Take an Online Pregnancy Test?

Do you worry a lot about whether or not you’re pregnant? Then you need a tool like online pregnancy. The quiz is a great way for someone who has never been pregnant before to find out what to do.

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You might not know what causes pregnancy symptoms like nausea, cramps, spotting, tiredness, sore breasts, etc. This online test can help you figure out if you need to see a doctor or not.

The online test is free, unlike the kits you can buy at the store. Compared to going to the doctor, an online pregnancy test will save you money and allow you to take it whenever you want.

You can take the test without going through a long registration process or leaving your house. You can take the test as often as you want and have free, unrestricted access to all the results.

What are the Other Reasons to Take an Online Pregnancy Test?

Find out in less than 3 minutes if you’re pregnant! You can save time and money by taking an online quiz to determine if you are pregnant. After all, buying more than one home pregnancy test can be expensive.

You’ll need to see a doctor for a blood pregnancy test. Here’s your chance to answer a few questions about early pregnancy symptoms and get a quick answer. The online test is faster, easier, and doesn’t cost anything.

It will look at your answers to questions about your symptoms, ovulation, sex, past, and other things to determine if you are likely to be pregnant. Based on the results, the quiz recommends doing a home pregnancy test or going to the doctor.

How to Take an Online Pregnancy Test?

Take the “Am I Pregnant?” quiz on the Planned Parenthood website to use a virtual pregnancy test. The test can be done in just a few minutes and is completely anonymous.

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So, what exactly is in the quiz? The quiz is broken up into small sections. It starts with some basic questions about age, race, and location.

The next and most important question is if you have had sexual contact with your partner since your last period. It’s best to wait until you’re about to get your period before taking this test.

The last two questions are about birth control and signs that you might be pregnant. Tell us if you use a condom, a cervical cap, a diaphragm, an IUD, or a pill to prevent pregnancy. Also, tell them what symptoms you’re having.

What Can Be the Results of an Online Pregnancy Test?

The “Am I Pregnant?” quiz is not a substitute for a medically accurate pregnancy test. It is merely a tool that helps its users understand the odds of being pregnant based on the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy as well as the information about when they are most fertile in their cycle.

The only thing the online quiz does is calculate the user’s likelihood of becoming pregnant based on the information they submit. The results of the online test will only be presented in terms of the likelihood of each option.

If the “Am I Pregnant?” quiz determines that there is a high likelihood that you are pregnant, it will advise you to either get a pregnancy test at a local drugstore or make an appointment with a medical professional.


Online apps and tools can help you do almost anything nowadays, including figuring out if you’re pregnant. Online pregnancy tests are a quick and easy way to determine if you need to go to the doctor.

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