Free Fire – Find Out How to Get Free Gold and Diamonds

Gold and diamonds are Free Fire’s in-game currency, and they are used in making most of the game’s transactions. Players are usually required to spend gold and diamonds on obtaining the elite pass, skins, characters, bundles, etc.

Buying gold and diamonds, though, is not a feasible option for every player. That’s why a lot of players often look for different ways to get these for free.


Several websites and apps give players certain rewards for completing different tasks. In turn, those rewards can be used to buy gold and diamonds in Free Fire. Want to start collecting those prizes? Read on to learn more about this in the article!

Free Fire - Find Out How to Get Free Gold and Diamonds
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Garena Free Fire starts with the players boarding a plane and flying over the Island. You’ll need to leap from various positions with a parachute to take a strategic position and be ready for the enemies. The island has weapons and supplies for surviving players.

This game should make you feel part of the project, making it all the more amusing. You must help the players search for medical equipment, guns, explosives, and other objects during the game.


When buying guns and other products, free diamonds and gold come in handy. The game is all about survival, and to win the game, you must be the last one standing.

The main goal is to survive by destroying your enemies on the island. This game stands out from others because as time goes by, the available safe space on the game map decreases in size.

How to Get Free Gold and Diamonds

In this game, diamonds and gold are used to buy exclusive clothes, guns, cars, and characters. They’re the game’s most critical items, and there are a number of different ways to find them.


By completing the Elite Pass Missions, you can get them directly from the store, or redeem them. Navigate via the game’s diamond or a gold portion to buy certain prizes and keep playing. Follow the tips mentioned below to start gathering these amazing prizes!

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to having free currency in the game. Google Opinion Rewards is a common and trusted app used by millions of people all over the world.

The app has also been downloaded more than 50 million times in the Google Play Store, underlining it’s success. Users must answer short and easy surveys to get Google Play Credit, which can then be used to buy diamonds in Free Fire.

Try Out Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of GPT’s most major websites where users are expected to complete various tasks, including responding to surveys, quizzes, downloading apps, watching videos, and more.

If these tasks have been completed, they will be rewarded with SB, which can be used to earn different rewards. Some regions have Google Play gift cards as their redeem choice. In the context of non-availability, users can pick PayPal Money, which can also be used to buy diamonds.

In-Game Offers

You’ll get a weekly deal of combined goods at reduced rates per week of playing Free Fire. Wait to get diamonds and gold coins for the game at the weekly deals. The figures are cut by this point, ensuring you’ll get even more free diamonds and gold.

VIP Membership

Buy the $7.99 monthly pass, and get bonus diamonds. In addition, you’ll get 60 free diamonds per day of the week when you buy the weekly community for $1.99.


Free Fire - Find Out How to Get Free Gold and Diamonds
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In the game, go to the top-up section and buy a few diamonds. You’ll pay a minimum of $0.99 for 100 diamonds and a maximum of $49.99 for $5,600. You are given an exclusive Free Diamonds reward for the first top-up after the order.


In Free Fire, diamonds and gold are important because they help you buy new characters, weapons, and outfits to improve your survival. The game, Free Fire entails numerous challenges.

The more diamonds and gold you have, the more things you can buy. There are several ways to get free gold and diamonds, easily and clearly.

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