How to Get Free UC on PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the world’s top-grossing mobile games and has produced over $150 million in revenue. There are two currencies in the game: BP (Battle Points) and UC (Unknown Cash).

The latter is acquired to purchase in-game merchandise, such as Elite Pass, uniforms, and skins for vehicles. The players can top-up UC either by Google Play Credit or through their bank accounts directly. 


If you haven’t loaded your account with UC yet, here are ways to get PUBG Mobile UC for free. Read on to learn more.

How to Get Free UC on PUBG Mobile
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PUBG Mobile: Overview

PUBG Mobile offers a range of un-lockable accessories to allow players to personalize their costumes, weapons, and various other items, giving them a bit more flair on the battlefield.

However, you need to spend a fair amount of UC (Unknown Cash) to unlock these things. And, although a range of websites and tutorials on the topic claim to provide a trick in PUBG Mobile to get free UC, you should still be mindful of scammers as nothing is absolutely free.


Those tricks don’t even work in most situations, but there are still some ways to make the machine work for you. Interestingly, there is actually a method by which players with little effort can quickly obtain some free UC in PUBG Mobile.

Elite Royale Pass

It’s the perfect way to get UC for free on PUBG Mobile. Elite Royale Pass provides a total of 600 UC as rewards for the RP mission (Friends bonus mission). 

The players only need to purchase the Elite Royale Pass once and complete the RP missions. The Elite Royale Pass costs 600 UC, and the players can easily buy back the entire amount they paid.


From the Settings

There are several apps – such as Zupee Gold – that grant Paytm cash for free. All you have to do is install the app and answer several questions, and the money you’ve won will be automatically credited to your digital wallet. Plus, paying for UC in PUBG Mobile can be redeemed into one’s Paytm account.

Google Play Gift Cards

Some websites or applications, such as appKarma, reward users with free Google Play Gift Cards from completed tasks. Players need to register on the app and pick any of the tasks and complete them to earn points. These points may be used to buy Google Play Gift Cards and be used to buy UC.

Inquiries Online

Apps, such as Google Opinion Rewards, give users free cash to complete online surveys. Users have to answer simple questions, and the money will be credited automatically, based on the answers given. On Android, users can earn credits that can be redeemed through Google Play.

Google Play Free Lending

The Google Play Store randomly gives users free Google Play Credit, which could be used to purchase UC. Players must pick the amount they want to buy, and the amount of Google Play Credit will be automatically deducted from the purchase. UC can be obtained at a much cheaper cost.

PUBG Features You Can Enjoy

How to Get Free UC on PUBG Mobile
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PUBG Mobile is driven by Unreal Motor 4. You can play a standard gaming console on the go. Moreover, this game delivers HD graphics with jaw-dropping and 3D sound. 

Featuring smartphone commands, training modes, and voice chat that can be personalized. This game can also let you have the smoothest regulation and practical ballistics, mobile arms behavior. 

From Erangel to Miramar, you must compete on these massive and complex battlefields, and unpredictable weather. From urban spaces to frozen tundra to dense jungles, you can learn the secrets of each battleground to build your own strategic winning strategy.


PUBG Mobile is a great action-packed video game that has lots of challenges. You will need plenty of UC to get all kinds of cool items in PUBG Mobile. Make sure to consider these tips to get more UC in the future.

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