Learn How to Get Free Valorant Points on Valorant

Riot Games is keeping gamers super-engaged with it’s new release, Valorant. This multiplayer, first-person shooter, launched in June 2020, has been garnering fans at lightning speed. 

It is free-to-play, loaded with the best of weapons, amazing graphics, and dishes out the ultimate first-shooter experience! The player can choose from weapons, like sidearms, shotguns, assault rifles, machine guns. Some of these weapons are called Spectre, Odin, or Vandal. 

Valorant offers a wide variety of weapon skins, the most popular one being the Elderflame modeled into a dragon that even spits fire at the opponent! Read on to learn more about how you can get free Valorant Points.

Learn How to Get Free Valorant Points on Valorant
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Get Free Valorant Points on Valorant

To get skins, you will need Valorant Points(VP) which are the in-game currency in Valorant, and they are available for purchase at the store. Recently, there has been a huge excitement among fans about Riot offering VP for free. 


You can get free VP on Valorant by creating artwork related to the game. All you have to do is submit the artwork to Riot Games and pocket up to 50 VP in exchange. The artwork can be done on a simple software like MS Paint, and it doesn’t have to be great as long as it is about Valorant! 

But, here’s the catch, this VP is simply not offered to players looking for free VP to add to their wallet or unlock skins entirely for free. It is a special consideration for those falling short of VP to buy a weapon skin or a battle pass. 

And more so, the general rule is that it is a one-time opportunity per account and you will not be able to use this reward system multiple times.


Steps to Get Free VP

In case you are falling short of a few VP to purchase that ultimate skin and are on a low budget, then this could be a great option for you instead of having to buy another VP pack from the store. Below is a step by step guide, to help you through the process. 

Step 1 and Step 2

To get free VP on Valorant, the first step is to submit a support ticket to Riot Games. Next, under Request Type, you have to select the “General” or “Purchases & In-game Content” option. 

Make sure to write an impressive message about how much you love Valorant and why you need that extra VP. 


Step 3

Submit your request and wait for a response from the Riot support team. They are usually very quick with their responses. They will process your request and let you know if it is possible. If yes, they will most likely assign you the task of creating an artwork. 

Step 4

The next step is to create your masterpiece. Put your creative skills to work and bring forth artwork related to Valorant, such as it’s characters, and setting. 

Step 5

Learn How to Get Free Valorant Points on Valorant

You can then submit your artwork to Valorant and if your artwork is good enough, you can cash in on those free VP points to buy that skin you so badly want or the battle pass you need to move forward in the game.

The Bottom Line

This system became popular for League of Legends, where Riot Games allowed players to win points by submitting artwork. It’s really great that they have brought this reward system into Valorant

By cashing in on some free VP, we can finally get that weapon skin we desire and take our experience of the game to the next level! Make sure to consider these steps if you want free VP.

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