Learn How to Watch Free Movies on Hulu

The way we watch TV shows has changed a lot in the past decade. If you think of ten years ago, streaming services were unheard of. If you wanted to watch a movie or a TV show you liked, you had to wait for the specific time when it came on TV. 

Even then, you couldn’t pause or rewind it whenever you wanted, and TV recording hadn’t come into the picture yet. Advertisements were everywhere. We cannot even imagine watching TV like that anymore. 


This is in large because of the growing popularity of streaming services. Why would someone wait for a specific time and watch something with constant ads when you can easily access anything you want from any device you have as long as you have an internet connection?

Learn How to Watch Free Movies on Hulu
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The Popularity Of Streaming Services

If you wanted to watch a movie of your choice, you had to pay for it. You could either call up your cable service provider and pay them a certain amount for the movie you wanted, or you could go down to the nearest Blockbuster store and pick up a copy of the movie for yourself. 

This changed when Netflix came on the scene. Though it was initially ridiculed for having a new business model, everyone soon realized the genius behind it. You see, human beings are always looking for comfort and convenience in everything they do. 


If you pair up this comfort with the seamlessness of watching something on any device you want and at any time you want, the picture gets even better. Several other streaming services joined this trend. The most notable names among them are Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and Hulu. 


Every major corporation with multiple verticals is trying to become a part of the entertainment space. These companies realize that people need entertainment and that launching a streaming service with exclusive content is an excellent way to get more people on board. 

Several individuals often subscribe to a streaming service for just watching one or two of their favorite shows that are not available anywhere else. Hulu is owned by the Walt Disney Company, which is a behemoth in the entertainment industry. 


Since every other big name in this industry is going forward with the future of entertainment, the Walt Disney Company decided to join the competition. It might surprise you to know the number of companies Disney owns. Besides Warner Brothers, Disney is one of the biggest media conglomerates present in the world today.

What this means for Hulu is that several movies and shows can be exclusively watched on the streaming service, making it one of the top choices for people to subscribe to. Hulu was launched in 2007, and you can read more about the service on the Hulu Wikipedia Page

Free Movies On Hulu

Unlike streaming services like Netflix, Hulu offers free movies to people who do not want to pay for a subscription. If you want to watch free movies on Hulu, you can get a month’s subscription free. This means that you can watch movies free for a month, and the recurring billing has an option to be canceled as you want.

You can start your free trial on Hulu by visiting the Hulu Plans Page. You get an option for three different plans, where one is without ads and costs $11.99 per month, the second one is with ads and costs $5.99 per month, while the third one includes Hulu and Live TV and costs $54.99 per month. 

All these plans offer free trials for a certain period before you start getting charged for them. The first and second plans are free for a period of one month, while the plan with Live TV is free for the first week. 

Learn How to Watch Free Movies on Hulu

The Bottom Line

Considering the large entertainment presence of the Walt Disney Company, along with the amount of exclusive content they can stream, Hulu is fast becoming a popular streaming service behind the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus. 

If you want to watch free movies on Hulu, head over to the website and start your free trial today to experience the entertainment at its peak. 

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