MBNA Purchase Credit Card – How to Apply

With the increasing efficiency of global networks, everyone is trying to jump on the globalization bandwagon. People are traveling overseas more, businesses are importing more raw materials and exporting products, and young people are buying fashion online.

But, while low shipping costs have made international commodities affordable, it is a hassle to pay for them. Credit Cards enable you to borrow money while you purchase something on bank credit. 


The defining feature of credit cards is that they make transactions extremely easy. The MBNA Purchase Credit Card is specifically designed to meet all your shopping needs. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this credit card. 

MBNA Purchase Credit Card - How to Apply

Keep Track of Transactions Online

Using an MBNA Purchase Card is exceptionally convenient as you can access the history of all your transactions online. Their excellent mobile services ensure that you can manage your credit account whenever you want. 


MBNA ensures total safety against bank frauds. You will hold zero liability for any transaction that is proved fraudulent. The only thing you have to do is report if you see any unusual transaction from your card, or if your card gets lost.


Contactless Payments

The best feature of MBNA credit cards is that you can make contactless payments. In the current pandemic, this feature helps you stay safe. All you need to do is link your card with a compatible mobile device. 

Time and Cost-Efficient

Using the MBNA Purchase Card can help you reduce the transaction processing time. It does not matter if your transactions are high or low volume. Purchase cards are specifically designed to reduce the overall cost value of any shopping activity.

Making your credit card payments is extremely easy with MBNA. There is a range of payment options including direct debit, debit card, cheque or directly visiting the bank



To be eligible for the card, you must meet the following requirements be an adult that is at least 18 years of age. You must be a resident of the United Kingdom, and you must have a regular income and a bank account.

You must be free of any individual voluntary agreements, county court judgments, or bankruptcies, you cannot be a student or unemployed, you cannot have had your application rejected for an MBNA card within the last month.

How to Apply

The process of applying for is simple and can be carried out online easily. Just follow these steps to apply for your perfect card successfully. 

Use the Clever Check tool made available by the MBNA to find the cards you are eligible for and the cards that you can afford. Since the MBNA monitors the application process of a credit card, you have to consult an advisor before applying for your card. 

Once you get in touch with an advisor, they will guide you through the process of the card application. This may include providing your personal and financial details and monitoring your credit score. 

Interest Rates and Fees

MBNA is a great bank to consider if you are looking for a new credit card. But, make sure to consider all the fees and rates associated with this card. 

The rates and fees we provide you are not verified by MBNA, so make sure to consult an MBNA representative to ensure you have the correct information if you are interested.

  • No annual fee
  • 0% interest for first 18 months on balance transfers
  • 0% interest for first 18 months on purchases
  • 0% interest for first 12 months on money transfers
  • 20.9% Representative APR
  • Minimum monthly payment: 2.5% or £25 (whichever is greater) or the total of any interest, default fees and charges plus 1% of the outstanding balance plus any arrears
  • Balance transfer fee: 2.99% for 2 months reverting to 5%
  • Money transfer fee: 4% for 12 months reverting to 5%
  • Foreign usage charge: 2.95%
  • Cash advance fee: 5%

Contact Info

MBNA Purchase Credit Card - How to Apply

If you would like to get in contact with a MBNA representative, you can reach them by calling 03456 062 062 (for national customers), or +44 1244 659 005 (for international customers). MBNA’s mailing address is MBNA Limited, Credit Card Operations, BX1 1LT.


Now that you know all that you need to get an MBNA Purchase card, consider applying for this card if it interests you. Enjoy the variety of features and securities that come with the card and become the smart shopper you know you are. 

Disclaimer: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit/ loan. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information. 

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